Fairweather powerhouse

Bojan Keevill izpostavi propagando v času koronavirusa ter prevprašuje nekatere ukrepe in njihove intepretacije.

Bojan Keevill

* Opomba uredništva: pismo je objavljeno v izvirnem jeziku, saj tako ohrani vse odtenke in podrobnosti, ki jih avtor želi izraziti.

Hey, this sounds too good to be true, don’t you think?

“The [incumbent conservative-authoritarian government of the Republic of Slovenia] stepped in at exactly the right time to prevent what could have been a massive healthcare strain, all thanks to aggressive efforts on the end of the government to fund Coronavirus research and innovative science and technology solutions. This speaks to the power of needing a constant stream of data to mitigate dilemmas before they fallout.”

Please excuse my language, but this is blatant P R O P A G A N D A.

A constant data stream has nothing to do with the situation on the ground in Slovenia. There has been no common evidence of government funding for Coronavirus research. I have not seen any testing stations or COVID-PICNIC related infrastructure, except perhaps fairweather Sunday volunteer fire brigade patrols along local logging roads. There has been a drought though, and forests are dry. In relation to covid-19, Slovenia did almost exactly what Italy did, just a few days later. The fact that the death rate statistic is so much lower here than there is deeply weird considering that in January we were told a natural truth “viruses do not respect borders”. Clearly this virus does, and not only this border! Also respected by the virons of SARS-CoV-2 are the borders separating China and India, North and South America. But why? Why are not India and Brazil full of it?

Think critically now!

… “the Coronavirus Pandemic serves as a premier wake-up call for modern society as to why AI-fueled, real-time situational awareness must be deployed by nations everywhere, not just Slovenia – lest we risk yet another act of biological warfare or alternate form of geopolitical malfeasance.”

What?! Is this Forbes telling us that the current viral pandemic is an “act of biological warfare or alternate form of geopolitical malfeasance”?! Wow! Cool! That means my population culling theory holds some water.

And more! This is “a premier wake-up call for modern society as to why AI-fueled, real-time situational awareness must be deployed by nations everywhere”. This goes a long way toward defining what I would call Natural Governance – the subject of the book I wish to write. I understand that the terms Artificial Intelligence and Natural Governance form a cognitive disharmony. The first tells us “artificial”, the second tells us “natural”. The magic of both is in collective behaviour for the common good.

The fact is that trained neural networks outperform trained humans in at least three fields of expertise; the games of mammography interpretation, go and chess. Why would one assume that a continually learning and ‘all-seeing’ neural network could not outperform human governors in the game of governance? The idea seems preposterous! Twice! First whilst coming and again whilst going. Would a planet sized hive bee not a Natural phenomenon?

“IRCAI’s most extensive use case [is] the geo-mapping of social dynamics and the automation of situational awareness.” The trouble is that if one asks commoners directly, one is riveted with the obvious clarity that they do not want anything at all remotely to do with being ‘situated’ by an ‘all-seeing authority’ unless some immediate benefit is provided in return – realtime tracking sucks the fun out of life and locks us into Orwell but also empowers us to do well and have fun!

“It is not difficult to see why UNESCO decided to partner strategically into Slovenia’s scientific and technological might – there is simply no other nation on Earth that is taking leaps in AI as big as those emanating from the beating heart of Ljubljana.”

Oh? What about Toronto? Isn’t TO described as an AI hot-spot?

“If a mostly unknown nation of just two million strong is capable of positioning itself as an AI powerhouse, so too can other countries.”

No, they can’t. If they could, they would. Do you really think that Slovenia can compete with China, India, Canada and the USA for AI powerhouseness?

There’s more going on here than seems to meet the Forbesean eye ;).

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